About Shanna:

Shanna spent her early childhood dancing and playing sports. She grew up in a spiritual household in Ohio and spent a lot of time writing and reading personal development books. In her late teens, she found yoga which was a perfect marriage of movement and spirituality. In 2009 she became a 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher and has continued to practice yoga for many years. Her new love is Aerial Yoga. 

In September 2016, Shanna was diagnosed with Invasive lobular carcinoma-breast cancer. This was a changing point in her life and a time of deep reflection and healing. She realized how disconnected she was from her body and how stressed out she had been living. She knew that she had to change ALL aspects of her life-body, mind, spirit and soul. In 2017 she was guided first to the Urban Priestess program to create a deeper connection to herself, mother nature and the Goddess.  As she craved a new type of movement practice that matched her new understanding of embodiment and the Divine Feminine, she found herself guided to the feminine movement practice of Qoya. Qoya has helped Shanna transform her life and reconnect with her essence! She knew the moment she read about Qoya and took her first on-line class that she wanted to become a Qoya teacher. She wanted women to experience the same power and transformation that she had. The power of Qoya is indescribable and is something that must be felt and experienced. Qoya is movement as medicine and has the power to impact your body, mind, spirit and soul. Shanna became a Certified Qoya Teacher in 2018.

She believes movement is a powerful way to help women move from their head to their heart, to cultivate a more empowered relationship with their bodies and life. Shanna thinks of herself as a sacred space holder-creating a sacred safe space for women to trust their own experience and use their body as a guide to embody their truest expression. Shanna's mission is to empower women through movement and inquiry to remember their essence, discover their truth and live life on their own terms.

About me:

I'm a mom of a teenager & partner to an amazing man. I love being outside connecting with Mother Earth because this is when I feel most at peace and inspired. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking, rafting, skiing, SUPing and camping. I love to travel and check things off of my bucket list. I recently fulfilled a bucket list dream of traveling to Patagonia, Chile. I finally understand self-compassion and therefore enjoy lots of alone time reading from my large book collection or treating myself to something special. I love to cook and eat. I radically changed my diet after my breast cancer diagnosis in 2016.  I have been practicing yoga for 15+ years. I am currently learning to play the harmonium and lead Kirtan. I love doTERRA essential oils and products. I use doTERRA daily in my life to help balance my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental beings. 

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  • Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Quantum Success Coaching Academy

  • Urban Priestess Training

  • Certified Qoya Teacher

  • Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher and Facilitator, Total Yoga Nidra

  • Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Edge Healing Institute

  • 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher, Corepower Yoga

  • Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 Training, Gabrielle Bernstein

  • 40-hour Mediation Certification, University of Denver

  • MA Conflict Resolution, University of Denver

  • BA Family and Child Development, University of Akron